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Ballarat - Delacombe Estate

The Victorian Government is committed to regenerating public housing across Victoria with allocated funding of $30 million to renew regional areas. This includes $10 million to refresh and revitalise the Delacombe Estate in Ballarat. 

Meeting community needs

As our community grows and our public housing needs evolve, the Victorian Government will work with the community to understand how best to support these changes.

Creating a vibrant and connected community includes ensuring that our estates have pathways and streets that connect, that there are the right facilities and open spaces to support our residents and that our places are functional and inviting.

The renewal program at Delacombe Estate will be conducted over several phases and will take a number of years. 

Working with the community

The strongest community plans are community led and there will be extensive consultation to make sure the project delivers the best possible outcomes.

The first phase in the renewal project will be developing a shared understanding and vision for the Delacombe Estate. This will involve extensive consultation with the community and stakeholders to gather ideas that will shape a masterplan for the project and will also identify, explore and establish opportunities to work together.

We will continue to seek community involvement and feedback as the project progresses and this page will be updated as additional information becomes available.

  • Understanding Community Values
  • Masterplan Preparation
  • Masterplan Consultation
  • Project Implementation

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The engagement process ensures that pathways and streets connect our community, that there are the right facilities and open spaces to support a range of recreational needs Image 4
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