Medically supervised injecting room

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Medically supervised injecting room

The Victorian Government is currently trialling a medically supervised injecting room at North Richmond Community Health.

With the high numbers of Victorians losing their lives to drug-related overdoses, the medically supervised injecting room is a safety-first, medical approach focused on harm reduction.

The facility will act as a gateway for clients to link with other health and support services, ensuring they have access to the full range of education and treatment they need to reduce harm from their drug use and ultimately overcome their drug dependency.

It will also work to reduce overdose deaths and overdose harm, improve neighbourhood amenity for local residents and businesses, and reduce the number of discarded needles and syringes in the neighbouring areas.

It was important to have the medically supervised injecting room up and running as quickly as possible to reduce the high number of overdose deaths and public injecting in North Richmond.

The government announced in March 2018 that the best way to do this was to modify part of the existing North Richmond Community Health building to act as a transitional facility.

The government also announced plans to build a purpose-built facility on the North Richmond Community Health site, and that operations would move from the transitional facility to the purpose-built facility in mid-2019.

Construction of the facility will begin in September 2018. After the purpose-built facility is open, the transitional facility will be modified and return to its previous use, as community rooms. Activities that are currently being managed elsewhere at the centre or locally will be able to return to this area later in 2019.

Similarly to the internal refurbishment at North Richmond Community Health, the builders are working to minimise any impact on local residents and community health clients, and make sure everyone stays safe during the construction of the purpose-built facility.

North Richmond Community Health will remain open during the works. There will be some pedestrian access route changes to the north of the existing public driveway. Clear signs will be put on site to explain any changes.

Noise control guidelines apply and standard construction hours will be:

  • 7.00 am – 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday
  • 9.00 am – 1.00 pm Sunday

If you have any questions or concerns about noise or other construction impacts, please contact North Richmond Community Health on (03) 9418 9800.

More information about the medically supervised injecting room is also available at the Department of Health and Human Services website.




23 Lennox St
Richmond, Victoria

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