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Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion
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Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion

Location 246 Clayton Road, Clayton, Victoria, 3168, Australia

The Victorian Government is investing $76.3 million in the Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion and traffic improvement. This project will provide more emergency department beds and a new Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health Hub.

The redevelopment will also improve access for ambulances arriving at emergency, meaning patients will get the vital care they need faster, and address traffic and congestion concerns making it safer and more efficient.

The expansion will also create a dedicated kids-only emergency area. This area is designed to provide children with a private, calm and compassionate environment and to help meet increasing demand for paediatric emergency care.

An additional 24 emergency department beds and an extra 10 short-stay beds for patients who need extended observation and care will be added. 

A new Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health Hub will include a separate 24-hour, short-stay unit to treat people with mental health or alcohol and other drug problems in times of urgent need. It is one of six hubs being delivered across the state. 

The Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion will deliver:

  • a dedicated children’s emergency department 
  • 24 additional emergency department cubicles 
  • refurbishment of existing emergency department areas, including resuscitation bays, general cubicles and short stay units 
  • a new Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health Hub 
  • improved internal wayfinding  
  • better traffic management, flow and congestion across the Monash Medical Centre Clayton campus precinct. 

The Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion aims to achieve the following benefits:

Support growing needs

  • Monash Medical Centre (MMC) is forecast to experience a significant increase in presentations over the next decade. An expanded and improved emergency department and access facilities will be required to accommodate the increased needs of the community. It is also needed to efficiently support Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital as tertiary referral centres for adult and paediatric care.  
  • The expansion aims to deliver expanded and improved facilities and enhanced service delivery to meet the needs of the growing local community.  

Contemporary care 

  • This project will support Monash Health to implement new contemporary models of care and to better segregate adult and paediatric care.  
  • The expansion will support Monash Heath to maintain a seamless transfer for patients requiring emergency surgery, critical care or paediatric inpatient care.   
  • It will establish separate adult and paediatric short stay units. These units can provide a quiet and calm environment for patients who require extended observation and care for up to 24 hours, but who will not require admission to a multiday bed. 
  • It will introduce new state of the art technology and equipment. 
  • The existing emergency department will continue to function with an unchanged overall capacity throughout the redevelopment. 
  • An enhanced patient journey and experience will be a key outcome of the project.   

Sustainable design 

The project aims to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment with design features and processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. 

Upgraded access 

  • The expansion is designed to upgrade access into the Clayton site for staff, patients and visitors. 
  • There will be segregation of traffic for emergency vehicles and other vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows. 
  • The expansion will provide a dedicated drop off area for patients and visitors. It also aims to improve wayfinding to key departments at the main entrance. 

This project is being delivered by the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority in partnership with: 

  • Monash Health  
  • Lyons (architect) 
  • Kane Constructions (builder). 



Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion
  • Location
  • 246 Clayton Road
    Clayton, Victoria, 3168, Australia
  • Mail
  • (03) 9594 6666

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Last updated: 22 May 2020