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Moorabbin Hospital imaging and outpatient centre
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Moorabbin Hospital imaging and outpatient centre

Location 823-865 Centre Road, Bentleigh East, Victoria, 3165, Australia

The Victorian Government committed $16.1 million in 2015 to the refurbishment and expansion of the Moorabbin Hospital Medical Imaging and Outpatients centre. Now open for business, the centre features state-of-the art cancer screening equipment and an extra eleven outpatient suites.

Moorabbin Hospital is home to the Monash Cancer Centre, one of Victoria’s premier integrated cancer treatment centres, with radiotherapy services provided in a long-standing partnership with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

It uniquely provides the people of southern Melbourne and beyond with access to treatment, care and support services in a single convenient location and close to where they live. It is also the location of the regional offices of the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service and BreastScreen Victoria, and a major centre for cancer-related and other medical research.

Since opening in 1975, the 147-bed Moorabbin Hospital has become one of Victoria’s leading medical and research facilities, building a tradition of high quality care to its community.

The expansion to the Moorabbin Hospital features the addition of a new magnetic resonance imaging machine and a new positron emission tomography/computerised tomography (PET/CT) scanner, and 21 outpatient specialist consulting suites - an increase on the 10 existing suites.

The expansion also features increased bed holding capacity in the medical imaging centre and an expanded waiting area within the medical imaging centre to reduce congestion at the hospital from the entrance and increase patient throughput.

Over the construction period, extensive planning and staging of works meant that clinical services were able to remain operational in both the medical imaging and outpatient areas.

The expanded facilities will enable Moorabbin Hospital to provide even better integrated cancer treatment, care and support services to the people of Melbourne’s rapidly growing southern suburbs and beyond, and allow for an extra 50,000 people a year to access state-of-the art cancer screening.

The new MRI and PET/CT machinery will ensure more patients can be diagnosed with a variety of diseases, including many types of cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body sooner and receive effective treatment earlier that can save their life.

PET/CT and MRI imaging is used to detect cancer, determine whether a cancer has spread in the body, assess the effectiveness of a treatment plan or determine if a cancer has returned after treatment.

In partnership with Monash Health, Commercial Industrial Construction Group (CICG), Vincent Chrisp Architects and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Moorabbin Hospital imaging and outpatient centre
  • Location
  • 823-865 Centre Road,
    Bentleigh East, Victoria, 3165, Australia

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Last updated: 23 April 2020