Dunlop Avenue, Ascot Vale Renewal

Ascot Vale - Dunlop Avenue

The Ascot Vale Renewal is a long-term project that involves replacing the current walk-up buildings on the Ascot Vale Estate with modern new homes. The estate is approximately 17 hectares in size and currently contains 842 dwellings. The buildings on the site, known as 'walk-ups', were built between 1947 and 1955 and no longer suit the needs of many residents. Over the next 15–20 years the Ascot Vale Estate will be redeveloped to better support residents with modern housing and well-designed community spaces and facilities.

We have identified the land at 24–42 Dunlop Avenue, Ascot Vale to be redeveloped as a separate project. The Dunlop Avenue project can proceed ahead of planning from the rest of the estate as it’s an isolated piece of land that is generally disconnected from the rest of the estate.

We consulted with the community in late 2017 and early 2018 on high level sketch plans.  We have considered the feedback from the community about the redevelopment and based on the feedback received, we have decided to:

  • reduce the building height from four to three storeys to respond to concerns about overlooking and building height
  • plan for a space on the site for a publicly accessible park or open space
  • try and protect as many trees as possible and not use the rear laneway for access.

To learn more about the project please read the Project Background Fact Sheets below.




42 Dunlop Avenue
Ascot Vale, Victoria, 3032
  • Information gathering
  • Consultation
  • Lodge Planning Permit
  • Formal Notice
  • Approval

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