Asset Management Policy released

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Asset Management Policy released

01 March 2019

The Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA) has released a new policy which sets the commitment for asset management of the Victorian health asset portfolio.

“We are committed to ensuring that the physical structures that underpin the Victorian health system enable every Victorian to access safe health care, when they need it, and that our health facilities and equipment, support our health care workers to do their jobs,” said Robert Fiske, CEO of VHHSBA.

The Asset Management policy outlines the following key principles that guide the decision-making approach in the management of the health asset portfolio:

  • Deliver better, safer care
    Develop and maintain an asset base that is capable of meeting clinical service standards now and into the future, providing the right assets at the right time through leadership, asset utilisation and performance, risk, commercial approaches and innovative funding models.

  • Sustainability
    Deliver an environmentally sustainable health network that ensures long-term benefits are not sacrificed for short-term needs, reduces environmental impact and provides improved social outcomes.

  • Whole of lifecycle
    Planning and management considers all costs incurred throughout the lifecycle of the asset, balancing costs, opportunities and risks against performance of the asset to achieve government objectives.

  • Collaboration and cooperation
    Work together to create a holistic and integrated health network underpinned by clearer roles, networks and communities of practice.

  • Planning for the future
    Build a pipeline of renewal projects that prioritises investment, taking into consideration the Statewide design, service and infrastructure plan as well as other government policy and planning frameworks.

  • Continuous improvement
    The Asset Management Policy, principles and strategies sits within a constantly changing environment and will be continuously reviewed and improved to optimise asset performance.

pdf view Download the Asset Management Policy 

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