Video story - Northern Hospital intensive care unit. A patient's perspective

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Hospitals, Melbourne

Northern Hospital's new intensive care unit - A patient's perspective

09 September 2019

Shaun Carey has been in the Northern Hospital intensive care unit four times over the last 12 months. In this video he describes how he watched the new unit being built.

The new intensive care unit is part of a major $162.7 million expansion designed to meet growing demand in Melbourne's outer north.

Learn more about the Northern Hospital expansion via our dedicated project page.

Video transcript

"I’ve been in the ICU four times in the last twelve months.

I was at work and I actually peed blood. I went to the doctors – he saw it straightaway and said - we need to get a scan done. So they sent it straight to the Northern Hospital. And then they said it was cancer, so we started treatment.

The doctors down there were brilliant, and the nurses, the whole ICU unit. It was like a big family - they really care for you

When I was in the hospital ward I actually watched the new ICU grow from the ground up. The upgrade is unbelievable. I couldn’t be happier for the hospital actually.

I got shown around and it is just so open, clean, warm. Now each patient has its separate room. It’s about the family as well. Now they have a lounge where they can go and sit down, make coffees and if they need a bit of a break then they can go there and have that break which is really important I think

I think the new ICU unit will be a lifesaving experience for anyone that comes up here, and I hope I don’t have to visit, but if I do, it’ll be good."

Shaun Carey, ICU patient