Upgrade to deliver better, safer aged care at the Golden Oaks Nursing Home

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Upgrade to deliver better, safer aged care at the Golden Oaks Nursing Home

28 May 2018

Bendigo residents looking for a modern, high quality aged care residential facility to call home will welcome the State Government’s funding boost to revamp the Golden Oaks Nursing Home. The almost $5 million investment, delivered through the Government’s Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, will be used to refurbish the nursing home and build a new 15-bed wing.

The revamp will mean the majority of current residents will move from dual occupancy to single rooms, with more private and comfortable bedrooms along with safer and modern facilities. An upgrade to the dining room and kitchen will mean meals can be cooked fresh onsite.

The upgrade will benefit the community in the long term by ensuring the Golden Oaks Nursing Home has a secure future, especially given the increased availability of in-demand single ensuite rooms.

Also underway is a $3.49 million construction project that will build a link between Golden Oaks and the 45-bed Carshalton House residential home. Funded in conjunction with Bendigo Health and a generous bequest, the project will improve residents’ lifestyle with a large multi-purpose space including a cinema, café, reception, centralised office and staff room. The project also includes a nine-bed upgrade to cater for high-care residents.

Both projects are slated for completion by year’s end, with 10 jobs created during the construction phase.

The $250 million Regional Health Infrastructure Fund – the largest of its kind in Victorian history – is rebuilding rural and regional hospitals to ensure all Victorians can access the high quality care and facilities they need, no matter where they live.

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