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Bendigo - Virginia Hill Estate

The Victorian Government has a firm commitment to regenerate ageing public housing across the state. In particular, funding of $30 million has been allocated to renew public housing in regional areas, with $10 million committed to refreshing and revitalising Bendigo’s Virginia Hill Estate.

Community first

Our communities are growing, and with that growth our public housing needs are changing and evolving too. The Victorian Government will work with the local community to understand the best way of supporting these changing needs.

Creating a vibrant, connected community means making sure there are public facilities and open spaces that are inviting and fit for purpose. The Virginia Hill public housing renewal project is an opportunity to improve the layout of the estate, and design parks, public spaces, roads and pathways that better connect to the surrounding neighbourhood, and create a more inclusive and welcoming community. The renewal of the Virginia Hill estate will take place over several phases of planning, consultation and development, and will take several years.

How we will work with the community

The first phase of the public housing renewal program will involve consultations with the community and stakeholders. The purpose of these meetings is to gather ideas about what is valued about the local area and what improvements could be made. These ideas will shape a masterplan for the project and uncover the various ways the Government and local community can work together. Throughout the renewal the local community will be able to stay involved and offer feedback on the project developments.

  • Understanding Community Values
  • Masterplan Preparation
  • Masterplan Consultation
  • Project Implementation

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